Innovation is our inspiration, and exclusivity is the key to the success of our products. We are inspired by the power of nature and appreciate the useful and restorative potentials inherited from it. Through the interweaving of this energy, our collection was born, which combines natural, rare and high quality components.

В свят с много информация и избор, SAFFRE съществува, за да Ви поднесе едно магнетично и необикновено изживяване за сетивата.

We believe that daily skin care is essential for its healthy, radiant and fresh look.

We believe that Bulgarian first-class cosmetics are an ideal choice for every lady.

We guarantee that all the ingredients we use in our products are a world-class standard, fully traceable and obtained from sustainable sources.

We know that SAFFRE will take the splendor of your skin to another level!

Who we are

We are Antonia and Desislava Valkovi.

Two sisters, inspired by the cosmetic tendencies!

Two sisters, inspired by their birth place and a woman’s beauty!

No matter the path a person has chosen, or what goals have been set, they wouldn’t have both feet firmly on the ground, if there was no connection to their birth place and their family!

We grew up in a family with 30 years of experience in trade with food and cosmetic products. Four years ago, our mother decided that she needed a relief from the stress and wanted to achieve that through the cultivation of her hereditary lands in the Thracian village of Krepost. She shared with us her idea of cultivating saffron and asked for our help and support. Our mother organized the process of selection of certified Dutch and French bulbs, their cultivation and the extraction of the precious spice, that had survived and had been well-known for centuries. Our father helped in the preparation of the fields. In this way, without any chemicals or machine work, we were able to obtain first-class saffron, certified in a French laboratory.

That is when everything started! The magic of the blooming fields, covered in beautiful purple flowers, the magic of our parents’ production – they showed us that this was the path we should choose! To promote this plant, by implementing it in our own brand of luxury and high quality cosmetic products!

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