Gentle flower, exotic spice or a medicinal herb? The useful properties of saffron

Although better known as a spice, saffron also has a number of beneficial properties that bring it closer to herbs and make it effective in many diseases. Consuming saffron tea or milk helps strengthen the immune system and lower cholesterol.

Studies show that its use helps with ulcers and acidity problems. Suppresses stomach cramps and relieves bloating.

In depressive states, the consumption of saffron is also recommended because it stimulates the production of serotonin in the body. Focuses and improves memory. It relaxes the nervous system and has a beneficial effect on people with sleep problems.

It also has anti-cancer effects, destroying some of the tumor cells without affecting other tissues.

Thanks to the calcium it contains, saffron is suitable for people with joint problems. It is also recommended for diseased veins, cardiovascular disease and symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

Since it has the ability to regulate blood sugar, saffron is especially suitable for diabetics, and saffron herbal tea clears the airways and reduces asthma symptoms.

Don't forget!

Saffron has a positive effect on the body and lifestyle. It is one of the most medicative spices and herbs in the world, but it is not a medicine, but a food supplement!

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